Napa Valley Wineries Tours

Napa Valley Wineries Tours

Napa Valley Tours
Napa Valley Wineries

Napa Valley Wine Tours

Why Napa Valley wineries are considered among the top wineries in the world? Thanks to Napa Valley geographical location, rich and volcanic soil. The valley of Napa offers the perfect conditions “Terroir” for wine growing where vines express themselves beautifully!  Napa Valley proximity to San Francisco makes it the perfect escapade from the city for wine and nature lovers. Many small wineries who have no license for distributions rely on visitors to promote  their wines. However. Napa Valley is also home to the most famous wineries in North America including Mondavi, Opus  one, Chandon, Francis Copolas’ Rubbicon Estate winery, Beringer Vineyards, V. Sattui Winery, Beaulieu Vineyard, Mumm Napa &  Rutherford Hill Winery , among other famous wineries. These wineries are located in different wine growing regions called  AVA. For instance, Mondavi is located  in  Oakville, Rutherford  winery is located in Rutherford , Beringer is located   St .Helena  while Sterling is located in Calistoga wine growing region. All these wine regions are located within Napa Valley wine country. Please note that Napa valley is only one growing region of California wine Country. California wine country consists of the following wine  regions : Napa Valley, Sonoma Valley, Alexander Valley, Sonoma  County, the Russian River Valley, Mendocino wine country, and Lake county wine country.  Learn more about Napa Valley wineries and our daily wine tours to Napa Valley and all California wine country…..

Private Wine Tours
Sonoma Wine Tours

Sonoma Valley Wine Tours

Sonoma Valley is the wine growing region located in Sonoma County standing next to Napa Valley. Geographically, Sonoma Valley is smaller than Napa Valley. However, Sonoma Valley is home to California oldest wineries and vineyards. In other words, Sonoma Valley  is more important to Californians thanks to its historical landmarks and rich  history. Sonoma  old down town called “ Sonoma Plaza” is  the birthplace of  the statehood of California and home to important  historical landmarks including;  Mission  San Francisco de  Solano. The Plaza is home to old wineries, boutique wineries, courtyards where lie charming boutiques, stores , wine bar, boutiques wineries  and local restaurants. Sonoma Valley is also home to  great wine regions including  los Carneros wine region located in the southern part of Sonoma Valley, the Valley of the Moon, Glen Ellen, and Kenwood  wine growing regions where you may taste your best wines of all Sonoma county ! Learn more  about Sonoma Valley and our Private wine tours to Sonoma  Valley….

Napa Wineries Tour
Napa & Sonoma Tour

Napa & Sonoma Valley Combo Tour

Many visitors to  California Wine Country  choose to experience Sonoma and Napa Valley wineries all in one day private  wine tour due to the limited amount of time they got.  You can combine both Sonoma and Napa valley in one day private wine tour leaving and returning to from San Francisco. We also provide complimentary pick-ups and drop within  Sonoma and Napa Valleys,  in California wine country.  Let tour our tour guides guide you through the best wine growing region in Sonoma and Napa Valleys .Learn more….

Wineries Tours
Muir Woods Tour

Napa Valley & Muir Woods combo Tour

Marvel at the Giant redwoods in Muir Woods National Park and  travel thereafter  to California wine country for about 50 minutes from Muir Woods Park. Muir Woods National Park is located in Kent Canyon, about 20 miles only from the Golden Gate Bridge. The park is home to the famous coastal redwoods, considered as the tallest living trees on earth! Our tour guides will also drive you to a spectacular overlooking view point along  the Pacific ocean,  located 5 minutes driving  from Muir Woods National Park to picture the scenic views on California  highway1.
After your adventure to California redwoods in Muir Woods National Park, you will travel north on highway 101  to  visit California wine country. You will visit best wine growing regions in Sonoma or and Napa Valley. You will enjoy tasting your favorite red wines, whites wines and or champagne wines in or outdoors. You will also enjoy your lunch at the Sonoma historic down town, called “ Sonoma Plaza”.  Learn more about our Private SUV combo tour to Muir Woods and California Wine Country

Dry Creek Valley
Wineries Tours

Alexander Valley & Dry Creek Wine Trail

Alexander Valley and Dry Creek wine trails are not as famous as Napa Valley wine country. However, wine lovers and wine connoisseurs  prefer escaping to Alexander Valley and Dry Creek from Napa Valley to enjoy tranquility and excellent wines. Most of Alexander Valley and Dry Creek valley wineries are located along the wine trail called highway 128. The Russian River Valley divides the valley into two   sections and runs north south through the Russian  River valley wine country, located south of Alexander Valley. The wine tour to Alexander Valley and Dry Creek wineries  is  very a relaxing ride away from the city.

The wineries are much smaller than those of Napa   Valley and often offer complimentary  wine tasting. Whether you are a wine lover or not, this tour will be perfect for you and  your friends to enjoy the country side of California wine country.  You can learn more about our  private wine tours to Alexander Valley including Dry Creek Valley wine trail

California Wine Tours
Napa & Calistoga Tour

Napa Valley & Calistoga's Geyser Tour

We are the only tour operator to combine California Wine Country with a side tour  to  the  Old Faithful Geyser in Calistoga! The Old Faithful Geyser erupts almost every 30 minutes approximately. Calistoga is located in North of Napa Valley wine country. The tour to Calistoga is also an opportunity to visit all Napa Valley  wine  growing  regions while other tours are limited to the southern part of Napa. Northern Napa Valley is  probably the most charming wine growing region  in California Wine Country where gorgeous wineries, vineyards and restaurants can be found. For instance, there is a winery in Calistoga  that lies  atop of a  spectacular cliff  offering scenic views. Wine lovers are required to take a gondola to reach the winery! Learn more ….

Russian River Tour
Wineries Tours

Russian River Valley Wine Tours

The wine tour to the Russian River Valley is also a sightseeing trip along the charming Russian River. Russian River Valley geographical location and its proximity from the Pacific Ocean makes  the valley one of the best wine growing regions for  white wines including Chardonnay,  Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Gewurztraminer and pintos. The Russian River Valley is also home to “champagne” wineries including  Korbel and Hop Kiln. Check out our below Russian River Valley  wineries map trail to learn more about our private wine tour to the Russian River Valley from San Francisco. Learn more

Napa Wineries Tours
Napa Wineries Trail

Napa & Hot Air Balloon Tour

Are you traveling to Napa Valley wine country? Looking  for something different? You may consider our Hot Air Balloon flights combined with a wine tour that includes all           Napa Valley Wine growing regions. Hot Air Balloon flights and tours require an early departure from your hotel. You may consider staying over one night in Napa Valley. You can visit our Napa Valley hotels directory to choose your hotel to save time and money. Learn more about our Napa Valley wine country combined with a  Hot Air Balloon flight….

Livermore Private
Wine Country Tours

Livermore Valley Private Wine Tours

Livermore Valley wine growing region is not as famous as Napa Valley wine country. However, Livermore Valley wine growing  region  produces excellent wines  thanks to its particular soil and geographical location between Central Valley and San Francisco Bay Area. Today, there are less than 50 small and midsize wineries in Livermore Valley wine growing region. Let our tour guides guide  you through Livermore Valley wineries  to taste your favorites wines , and   tour you along Livermore Valley   back roads to picture  the US   largest wind farm , called Altamont Pass Wind Farm , and  home to  over 7500 wind turbines.  Learn more about our daily wine tours to Livermore Valley from San Francisco

Anderson Wineries
Mendocino Wineries

Private Wine Tours to Mendocino

Our Mendocino Wine Country  private wine tour last two days leaving and returning to San Francisco. You may extend your stay  in Mendocino Wine Country  for more than two days. You may also require a complimentary pick-up anywhere in the outlaying areas to Mendocino and  North San Francisco Bay Area.  Our Mendocino Wine Country  private wine tour can  include  one night at a local charming hotel in  Mendocino Wine Country. Mendocino Wine Country  tour is a pleasant experience off the beaten path and a way from commercial wineries. This is the perfect escapade from business oriented and busy wineries to experience the country side of California wine country. Learn more about our Mendocino Wine Country  private wine tour

Lake County Tours
Wine Country Tours

Lake County Wineries Tours

Our two  day private wine tours to Lake County Wine Country leave and return to San Francisco. Complimentary pick-up and drop off can be offered anywhere in Sonoma or Napa Valley. Our two day private wine tours to Lake County Wine Country include one night at a local hotel located along Lake County. Lake County Wine Tour is also an adventure to experience the best kept secrete of California wine country. Learn more….

Safari 4x4 SUV Tour
Wine Country Tours

African Safari & California Wineries Tours

This is the perfect wine tour  for families with or without kids and for all nature lovers who are looking for  something unique & different. You can combine your  wine tour to  California wine country with  a  discovery side tour  to  an African Safari , located  in the heart of California wine country. Learn more about our daily  4X4 SUV Tours to  California wine country combined with a side trip to  Sonoma African Safari…..

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